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Financial Transparency

In the Town of Bartonville's continuing dedication to transparency in government, the Town strives to provide its citizens with financial information about the Town. Our efforts have been recognized by the Texas State Comptroller's Office by awarding the Town of Bartonville with its highest Leadership Circle Award for Transparency in Financial Reporting. Transparency allows the citizens to review and question policymakers' decisions, examine documents, and hold public officials accountable for the way tax dollars are spent. Financial Transparency is government opening its books to the public so that taxpayers can see exactly where the money is going. More information on this program can be viewed at Texastransparency.org

Awards for Financial TransparencyLC_Platinum_wTitle_2nd_year.jpg
"Comptroller's Leadership Circle"
2015-Platinum Award
2014-Silver Award

The Town of Bartonville makes the following information available to you, the public, in an effort to report exactly how your money is being properly managed:


Monthly Financial Reports

Current Fiscal Year 2016-17
Fiscal Year 2015-2016

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Debt Transparency Pledge

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Tax Rate

The current 2015-2016 property tax rate is $ $0.192940 per $100 taxable valuation

The total amount of city debt obligations secured by property taxes is $0.00.

The sales tax rate is 8.25% with the Town retaining 2%.
1% is designated for Town Operations.
One-half (.50%) of one percent is a special 4B sales tax for the Community Development Corporation.
One-quarter (.25%) of one percent is sales and use tax to provide revenue for the maintenance and repair of existing city streets
One-quarter (.25%) of one percent sales and use tax to provide revenue for the creation of a crime control and prevention district for crime reduction programs.

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