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Posted on: May 12, 2022

Culvert & Ditch Maintenance


Culvert & Ditch Maintenance. 

With the recent rains, a friendly reminder to Bartonville residents that bar ditches must be kept mowed and culverts properly maintained. Keeping properly maintained ditches aides in improved motorist visibility, fire protection, and preventing unwanted mosquitoes.  

Required maintenance includes: 

•    Periodic removal of underbrush 

•    Periodic rough mowing

•    Removal of trash and debris 

•    General upkeep of the bar ditch or culvert to maintain a positive flow of storm water (no standing water) 

•    Periodic cleaning of culverts to remove all sediment or other hindrances to the flow of water 

•    Culverts shall be replaced by the property owner should any structure failure in the culvert potentially impede the flow of water. Thank you for being a great neighbor!

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