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Request Inspection-Town of Bartonville

  1. Inspection Request - Bartonville
  2. The inspector will leave/post a green or red tag in the immediate vicinity of the work inspected. Green tags indicate approval and red tags indicate corrections are necessary. A red tag will document the corrections that need to be made. It is your responsibility to check the jobsite for the inspection tag. The red tag fee of $75 must be paid before reinspection can be called in.
  3. Inspection requests are required before 4 p.m. to be scheduled the next day. Inspection time blocks are AM or PM. No inspections are scheduled on holidays or weekends.
  4. Select the date you wish to have the inspection performed by clicking on the calendar icon and then clicking on the date within the calendar displayed. Please note that based on work load, weather and other factors, it is possible that the inspector may not be able to perform the inspection on the date requested.
  5. If an inspection is requested and not ready when the Inspector arrives, a red tag will be left and the red tag fee must be paid before a reinspection can be requested.
  6. Monday - Friday ONLY

  8. Enter a note to the inspector if desired. For example, you may want to provide a gate code, lock box, or any other information helpful to the inspector that will arrive at your job site.
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