Business Retention Program

The Bartonville Community Development Corporation is challenged with the task of growing capital investment and creating additional primary jobs in our community, both in the form of new business attraction and existing business expansion in the Town's zoned commercial areas. 

BCDC Funding Guidelines and Application Packet
Existing businesses play an essential role in the overall economic health and quality of life in Bartonville.

The Bartonville CDC will be initiating a Business Retention and Expansion Program and strategy to support the success and growth of the existing businesses. An on-site visitation program is underway and Bartonville businesses are invited and encouraged to participate.


Our goal is to learn more about you, develop a working relationship, and assist in connecting existing businesses with the right information, resources and programs in ways that will improve the business climate. Through these on-site visits, our goal is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Gain a more comprehensive knowledge about the types of businesses operating in Bartonville
  • Learn more about each individual operation and share information about the Bartonville EDC services
  • Express our appreciation to Bartonville businesses and share in the celebration of current successes and achievements
  • Identify business concerns related to economic development and facilitate dialogue with the appropriate entities to address the issues
  • Identify and analyze trends, challenges and opportunities facing our existing businesses and mobilize appropriate resources, programs and services when appropriate
  • Act as a liaison, advocate and point of contact for Bartonville's business community
  • Identify opportunities to work with businesses to attract critical suppliers and/or customers to Bartonville
  • Identify opportunities for the expansion of specific business sector clusters
  • Establish and maintain a more consistent and reliable channel of communication between local businesses and the Bartonville CDC and other community partners

In summary, we will listen to your concerns and help wherever possible. Our goal is to be a key partner with you as your company continues to thrive and grow in Bartonville.

On-Site Visit

We will contact businesses on an annual basis. However, if you haven't heard from us and would like to schedule an on-site visit from the Bartonville CDC, please contact 817-693-5280 to arrange a time that is convenient for you.